DIY Designer Hoops!!!

Introduction: DIY Designer Hoops!!!


I love jewelry... and especially earring...

and in the category of earring... hoops are best for me... but mine are really plain so ... let's give them a new style...

First let's go check out the supplies we need...


  • A pair of plain hoops.
  • Two pairs of different kind of earrings tops.
  • Ornamental springs or an aluminium wire wrapped around a marker pen to make a spring.

Step 1: Let's Get Springy...

Open the hoops and then slide in the ornamental spring. Then, remove the top of the short earring and insert it through the ornamental spring.

Step 2: Second Pair of Earring Tops...

Now, insert the long earring tops through the bottom of the short earring top and then through the ornamental spring. Next, fix/close it with the top.

Step 3: Ditto...

Now, do the same for the other hoop also...

Step 4: End Product...

There.... my designer hoops are ready...

Time for u to make it too... 🤗😀😊

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