Introduction: DIY Desk / Stationary Organizer/ Pen Holder

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A super-easy way to create your own stationery organizer hence keeping some cash in the pocket and helping to save the environment. Look around all the items you need may already be right there at home already. Let s get started.


Empty deodorant stick containers
A base to mount your containers on
i.e. Piece of glass, mirror, board etc.
A sheet of colored paper( optional)
Accent pieces (small stone, small shell)
Scissors, glue gun and glue sticks,
Soap, cooking oil, paper napkin, old toothbrush
One screw/a large pearl/a large diamond
A screwdriver ( optional)
A spray paint preferably krylon
A lump of play dough
A couple sheets of hand towels
A pencil
A knife

Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: Getting Started

To get started let's clean our items
- removed push up mechanism out of containers. Pry both the platform and stem with the knife until freed if necessary.
- remove athe labels from your containers and use the paper towel to dab a little oil on your containers where there may be paste residue from your stickers.
- let stand for a little while to allow oil to emulsify the sticker residue.
-wash thoroughly with soap using old toothbrush to reach hard to reach areas.
-thoroughly dry then colour containers using spray paint.
TIP- krylon as far as I know has a good reputation for adherering to plastics. I am using Touch and Tone which is what is available to me at the moment.
- allow your containers to thoroughly dry before handling preferably overnight.
- you will notice that one containers was left in its original state - reason it was my grandma's I wish to keep it that way as away to remember her in my daily life.

Step 3: The Base

Prepare your base in a manner suitable to the type of material you have chosen. The main thing is that it must be clean and smooth so if you go for board for example it ideally should be sanded down, treated and finished or unfinished. You can finish board with stain, varnish or paint or just be creative.
- For my base I went with piece of round glass I had fitted with a cut-out from a sheet of pink paper
- I also use glass because it kind to you when you use hot glue and want to change your design layout. For stronger and more permanent hold use silicone or another glue that holds on glass.

Step 4: Choose Your Layout

So I just move things around a bit until I was comfortable with the look albeit I did this before I painted them forgot the choice after I painted. Two things I knew I wanted my accessible secret drawer and my paper clip dispenser.

As soon as you get comfortable with your layout glue each container in its place. Also glue in place your accent elements and 'voila' you are done and ready to organize your pens, pencils, scissors, sharpeners etc. etc.

Step 5: The Tour

The secret drawer - pictures one and two - I just used the lump of play dough inside one of the container cover to form a holder for an erase and glued on a diamond bead for the knob.

The water trough - picture three - positioned at an angle there at the front to hold a little water when needed for sealing envelopes.

The paper clip dispenser - picture four - So the container that was not taken apart was retained for this purpose and work just as would your deodorant stick just load up with paper clips. As soon as the volume goes down turning the base knob will dispense more.

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