Introduction: DIY Dhoom Homemade Electric Motorbike-2016

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DIY Dhoom Homemade Electric Motorbike-2016

An electric bicycle can easily be built by taking an existing bicycle and adding five parts: 1) a motor, 2) a linkage from the motor to a wheel or pedals, 3) batteries, 4) a throttle and 5) a motor controller (the brain that regulates how much battery power to send to the motor based on the position of the throttle). Buying parts that work together is the hardest part. Here's the cheapest solution, which is a bottom bracket driven, non-freewheeling electric bike. For share:

Electric motrobike it is lettest virsion of my own hand made model. I make this electric bike at home. I use for this project very simple equipment where you can find any auto par shop or eBay, amazon online shop. EV,electric,bicycle,custom,aluminium,fabrication,bike,vehicle

Maximum speed: up to 50 mph Full charged: up to 80 kilo miter per hour.

*Hard acceleration will use up the batteries the fastest, especially from a dead stop. *Charge your batteries after riding, and try to avoid wearing them down all the way when possible. They'll last a lot longer. *You'll want an on/off switch for your bike eventually. You will need a 24v or 36v DC switch. Household light switches will also work, but will not last very long. *Having two chains by your legs just makes it twice as likely that the bicycle will eat your pant leg. Use rubber bands or straps to secure your pant leg, or install chain guards. *Chain tensioning can be a problem. You need either to crank the hose clamps down hard or use something to tension the chain such as an old derailleur.