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Introduction: DIY Donut Shoes

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A few days ago, I bought a pair of plain, white, slip on shoes because I didn't have any pairs of shoes other than my sneakers. Obviously, I totally needed to jazz them up. So, I ended up making them look like donuts! This is a super easy way to make any pair of shoes cuter and more awesome!!! This was also really cheap and cost me about 7$ in total. I love them so much and I am so excited to wear them to school! These shoes would be perfect for Back-to-School. I mean, most people love DONUTS!!!

P.S. Sorry the photos are a bit pixelated!

Step 1: Materials

To make this super adorable pair of shoes, you will need:

  • A plain pair of shoes with a flat surface where your toes are (You can use any color, but I personally think white looks the best!)
  • Pink fabric paint (You can use normal or puffy fabric paint)
  • Lots of different puffy, fabric paint colors
  • Painters tape (I realized not to use masking tape as it doesn't stick very well to the fabric)
  • a small, scrap piece of fabric/paper
  • a paintbrush or a sponge-brush (I used a paintbrush)
  • a smock or an apron (optional, but I really recommend it!)
  • a clean workspace

I got most of the materials at Walmart. I had everything else.

Step 2: Preparing the Shoes

The first thing you should do is take the laces out of the shoes. Don't break them! Once you have done that, put the shoelaces someplace where you won't get paint on by accident. Make sure you don't forget where you put them. After that, get your painters tape and put tape on anyplace where you don't want to get paint on. I put tape on the soul of the shoe and the line that separates the laces and the toe part of the shoe. While you are doing that, make sure there are no air bubbles in the tape. Do this for both shoes.

Step 3: Painting the Base Coat/Icing

Once you put tape on both shoes, get your pink fabric paint and start putting bit by bit of it onto the toe-part of the shoe. I squeezed some of the paint onto a section of the part I was painting. Then, I used a paintbrush to smooth it out evenly. I did this until the whole toe-part was covered in the paint. Make sure you don't miss any spots! Again, do this on both shoes.

Step 4: Practising the Sprinkles

While the pink base coat is drying, you might want to practice making straight lines for the sprinkles. I got a scrap piece of canvas and I used several different colors to do this step. Basically, I drew small, straight lines to resemble the sprinkles. This step is also used to see if the paint works and to see if you like the texture or something like that.

Step 5: Adding the Sprinkles!!!

Now is the big moment! Add the sprinkles on the shoes color by color. I added about 3 sprinkles of the same color on the shoe. You can use as many colors and as many sprinkles you want. Make sure you put sprinkles on the sides. This the part that you can make your shoes unique!!! I let the shoes dry for about 2 hours so they completely dried. I let it dry for 2 hours because I was making sure it was totally dry.

Step 6: Making the Shoelaces POP (Optional)

Since I thought there was too much white in the shoes, I decided to add some color to the shoelaces. I added some paint to the plastic ends of the shoelaces. Since there are 2 plastic ends on each lace, I used purple and green paint to achieve the job. I added a small squirt of the paint to the plastic part and used a paintbrush to smooth it out. Since I didn't think it was a good idea to let the paint dry on the table, I used the shape of the painters tape to hang it from the edge. You can use any colors for this step. This step is totally optional!!! If you like white, that is fine to me :)

Step 7: Taking Off the Tape

The penultimate step is to take off the tape. I slowly peeled the tape off of the shoes and the laces once they were completely dry. This process is basically like seeing the finished product!!! The tape should have stopped most of the paint from dripping down. For me, there were small bits of paint on-top of the shoe soul. Otherwise, I thought the tape did its job pretty well.

Step 8: Putting the Shoelaces Onto the Shoe

The final step is to put the shoelaces back onto the shoes. This step was a little challenging. I just laced the shoelaces on however I thought it was laced like before I took the shoelaces out of the shoe. But you can lace them however you want to.

Step 9: FINISHED!!!!

Your shoes are DONE!!! I hope you like them alot!!! I sure do! Plus, they are super cute!!! I have gotten lots of compliments on them. Please vote for me in the Footwear Competition!!! I would really appreciate it! Anyway, you should totally try to make these shoes. You would get so many compliments!!! Finally, I hope you like it!!!

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