DIY Double-Sided Fine-Pitch PCB's

Introduction: DIY Double-Sided Fine-Pitch PCB's

About: I am a retired Electronic Systems Engineer now pursuing my hobbies full time. I share what I do especially with the world wide student community.

Inability to fabricate double-sided fine-pitch printed circuit boards is a major constraint for students, engineers and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts who want to work with Surface-Mounted-Device (SMD) devices and build only one or two prototype PCB's for their projects.

Over the years I have perfected a method of fabricating such PCB's at home using only the minimum of tools.

In this video I share my practical experience and present comprehensively all the steps in getting a double-sided PCB fabricated.

This PCB took me only 3-4 Hours to fabricate starting from the first laser print to the PCB ready for population of components.

I invite you to look at my other projects targeted to the educational community, students and DIY hobbyists at

I welcome any comments and suggestions for further videos and projects.

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