Introduction: DIY Driftwood Bonsai

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Material PVC pipe 3'' radius & 1.5 feet length plastic pot , acrylic colors, plaster of paris , soft cloth, tree branch,moss mat, artificial hedge panel for leaves,

Step 1: Making of Tree Log

This time i tried to make tree log with PVC pipe & plastic pot. Cut the pipe with sharp knife .I used plaster of paris & soft cotton cloth ,cover the pipe with cloth of plaster of paris .Cover the whole pipe with thick plaster of paris. After drying the plaster i used hobby knife to shape the tree log Now attached the extra tree branch with the screw .

Step 2: Roots of Tree

Fix the tree log on pot ,now with the help of plaster of paris and cloth make the tree roots like i did.

Step 3: Coloring

I used raw sienna & raw umber for coloring the log . I applied many stocks of color .After drying the color spray mixture of PVA glue & water.It gave the finish look . On base i used moss mat . For the leaves used artificial hedge panel .

Step 4: Final Pics

My project is ready for room decoration .Here is few pics of DIY Driftwood bonsai .

Step 5:

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