DIY Drill and Sander

Introduction: DIY Drill and Sander

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Hello World,

This is my small project which is basically a drill cum sander. This project uses simple tools and material and you can make great out of it. you can use this drill for simple purposes but if you use a better motor and battery it could work as a power drill gun as well. I was thinking of what I could make for this tools contest, what came into my mind was something which could make my work easier and is helpful for my viewers, so I made this Drill because at this young age(14) no one allows me to use power tools. Make it and let me know in the comment section below about your experience.

Step 1: Tools

To make this tool you just need one tool which is glue gun

Step 2: Material Required

  1. A pipe(Broad)
  2. Battery pack
  3. Motor
  4. Switch
  5. 2 lids/caps
  6. Wires
  7. Sand Paper
  8. Screw(Long and pointed)

Step 3: STEP-1 Wiring

The wiring is very simple you just need to connect the motor to the battery pack and you need to connect a switch.

Step 4: CAPS

Now take the first cap and make a hole in it connect it to the motor. Be careful while making the hole.

In the second cap attach the screw. Use glue gun for sticking it properly.

Now join both the caps

Step 5: Sander

Now to make it a sander you need to roll the sandpaper around the curved surface of the caps.

As shown in the above image

Step 6: Assembling

Now take the pipe and make a hole in it to put the switch. Join the motor on the on the top horizontally.

Your drill is ready to be used

Have fun :) :) :) : ) :)

Step 7: Made It. !!!!!!!

I made it

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    2 years ago

    Good work. Please enter to " build a tool" contest. OK.


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    applied but it needs to be accepted by the admins