I got the idea for this project after seeing something similar on the web.

I decided to create my own lamp with inexpensive materials. The total cost for the project is about $15.

I bought the lamp only because she had a pretty holder.

Other parts I had in the garage

I encourage you to be creative with your materials to get a look that you're happy with.


Step 1: Materials

Here is a checklist of materials you will need :

1.some engine parts: camshaft, gear box (sprocket)

2.lamp or bulb holder; I used spotlight

4.bulb or LED

5. connecting wires with switch

6. heat-shrinkable insulation

7.Spray paints

8.two component adhesive (Poxipol, Poxilina)

9. spring

10. thinner

11. some nuts, screws, bands



2. knife

3. soldering iron, solder


Step 2: Building the Base

For the lamp's base I used the camshaft and some part of gear (img.1, 2) of an unknown car. I removed this parts from engine and cleaned the grease with thinner.

I then mounted the camshaft in the center of the sprocket (img.3)

Next I using a two-component adhesive -glue two screws (img.4)

Step 3: Make a Bulb Holder

While the glue was drying I disassemble ceiling lamp (cheap lamp, from local depot).

I used the ceiling lamp- look nice -but must be matched to my project - I removed parts for mounting on the ceiling, cut off the wire hanger at the top.

Then I screwed into the base of the lamp

Step 4: Electrical Connections

Now when the assembly of the metal parts is complete it is time to do the electrical connections.

To connect the cables I used a soldering iron (imag1).

You have to remember to protect against short-circuiting wires. I used to this heat-shrinkable insulation (img.3).

For a nice effect put on a spring on electrical wire

Then I put on a light bulb and attached the wires to the lamp base



Step 5: Final Assembly

Almost done.

With the base now assembled, we can move on to paint it any color you want.

At the end, attach the cable to the base

Now plug your creation and test it out!