DIY Eggnoid Egg Snowglobe

Introduction: DIY Eggnoid Egg Snowglobe

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Hey, E.J.

I made this for my BFF Lils. It's a combination of her two favorite things, a snow globe and a Webtoon called "Eggnoid". Eggnoids are humanlike creatures that are full of love and come to console people in distress. It's a really sad, hilarious and romantic Webtoon.

The Eggnoid comes out of an egg, like the one in the photo.

You might've noticed already that 1. The jar I used is not a globe. I didn't have a globe. So I improvised with a fat jar instead. 2. The egg looks very fat in the photo. The water and the jar make it look that way. It's best you use the tallest and thinnest egg you can find. And 3. The egg is blue, even though the Eggnoid eggs vary from all colors. I picked the first one you see in the Webtoon.

Step 1: Draining the Egg and Painting

Most people would use a syringe to drain the yolk and white of the egg, but I don't have a syringe so I had to do what I've been doing since I was younger. Poke a hole through the bottom with a stick and shake out all the contents within. Then wash the inside and let dry. Once it is, you can carefully paint the outside all around the desired color. I used a rich, darker greenish-blue.

Make sure the color you use is always darker than in the picture because the water will make the color soften and lighten. Use an auburn if you want a soft red. Use an emerald if you want a light green. Use a rich violet if you want a soft purple, etc.

I stood the egg on another nail polish I have, with a thin grasp. I let it dry for a couple hours.

Step 2: The Egg's Emblem

The egg's emblem is a queer one. Clay doesn't work in water because it flakes out and disintegrates, so I had to think of something else. I came to a foam sheet, which worked marvelously. Any color will do since you're painting over it anyway. Roll it up into the emblem and squirt glue in the layers. Once it's dried, you can paint over it and cut a small slit on the bottom. Then you can bend it into the formation.

Step 3: The Egg's Wings

I used plastic from a spinach container to make the wings and painted the edges the same color as the egg. To stick the wings on the egg, I glued the wings to ovals of yellow foam sheet first.

Step 4: The Jar and Its Top


Step 5: What the Egg Can Sit On

I decided the egg needed something to sit on if it was to be visible, so I experimented a few things until I came to this which worked out very well.

At baby showers or even at your local shop, you can find toy baby bottles as party favors. Now, I've already found that I can cut plastic with a knife, so I did exactly that. I sawed off the part of the bottle where you screw the lid on and stuffed the inside of the bottle with some kind of foam tube.

Step 6: Sticking All the Pieces Together

Glue the egg onto the bottle, the emblem on the egg, and the wings on either side of the egg.

Step 7: Preppin' the Jar

Pour one tablespoon of glycerin into the jar. Glycerin helps the sparkles to slowly waft down, instead of just dropping to the bottom.

Fill the jar with water, but not up to the brim, leave about two inches or so.

Sprinkle in some sparkles, and squirt glue all around the inside of the lid.

Step 8: Make Sure It Dries and Show Off!

Screw on the glued lid and leave it upside-down for a day or two. Best not to try and test the glue's strength if not at least a day has passed. 24 hours left to dry, and it should be good. Then you can turn it right-side-up or shake it.

(Booyah! Did Step 8: Show Off, schaapkameel! Didn't do it earlier.)

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    Weird Walker
    Weird Walker

    2 years ago

    This is so cute!


    4 years ago

    Very nice build. Cool and unique. Well done!