DIY Epic Wall Signs

Introduction: DIY Epic Wall Signs

This is very simple and easy tutorial, for DIY epic walls signs. I choosed "keep calm and drop the bass", which came out pretty epic in my opinion! I used 5 cm (2 in) tape. Just start "taping" the wall and making like a nice text that you want to have on your wall. I recommend to choose something inspirational, as you are probably going to look the same sign for years! Slowly and precise start taping the wall. Make sure you get the tape on exact places you want it to be, otherwise you will regret it later-on. When you are done making the sign you want (it took me around 2 hours for the whole project), we can proceed to next step which is painting into desired color (mine is black), I used normal black mat sprayer, which can be found / purchased in almost every hobby-specialized shop. They cost around 3-4€ in my country. I just sprayed the wall, and that was it!! You must be precise when spraying, because you don't want to spray too much paint on one place, because that paint would slowly start to smear, and you don't want that. I used fast drying sprayer, so my paint was completely dry in about 10 minutes! After your paint is dry, start removing the tape, you put on before, and VIOLA, you are finished!

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    I thought it was gonna be keep calm and drop the chief from olan Rogers. But instead it was bass. But that's still a cool design. Although there is one thing I don't get... Why would I spray paint a dorm wall? I could understand if I did this on a realy large piece of wood and then hung it though. But over all I rate a 9/10 10 is the best/coolest