Introduction: DIY Eve Wall-e Costume Cardboard

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Wall-e is my favorite movie
I made this costume last year and wanted to share the process with instructables
This easy costume is made from cardboard

Step 1: Materials


Hot glue

Window screen


White paint or spray paint

Gray paint



Measuring tape

Step 2: Making the Base

Take cardboard and map easier the person you are making the costume for
Measure the top of the head to above the knee
Measure the cardboard and mark it
Now measure the width of the person making sure to make it 10 inches larger
Measure and mark on the card board
Once you have made a rectangle, Mark a curve at the top and cut two of the rectangles
Mark an oval on one front near the top and cut out with the knife
Take long piece of bendable cardboard and bend around the sides of pieces
Hot glue them together
Mark where the arm holes should be and cut out
Make sure to make them bigger than usual

Step 3: Making the Details

Cut out screen and place on the inside of the cut out oval
Hot glue it together in the inside
Paint the body white or instead buy white cardboard
Using grey paint, paint a curved strip across the bottom of the oval
Do the same on the other side
Paint a straight strip on the other sides
Draw out ovals and color blue
Cut them out and glue on the screen for the eyes
Print or draw the leaf symbol and glue on the front

Step 4: Results

Wait for the paint to dry and slip the costume on
Make sure to wear a white long sleeved shirt and white gloves

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