DIY Face Shield for Covid-19

Introduction: DIY Face Shield for Covid-19

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly at an unprecedented scale across the globe and has emerged as the single biggest risk the planet has witnessed in modern times with the crises of covid -19 in whole world we need PPE for us which can help us to protect so today sharing DIY face shield which we all can make at home with available stationary at home

How face shield can help us

1 It prevent aerosol going into eyes

2 it reduce risk of contact transmission. it is expected to involve less touching of the respiratory mask

3 Viser can be replaceable so you can use it multiple times with sanitizing gear head


for making face shield you need

1 Thick paper sheet / strip from which you a band for making head gear better if more than 200 GSM

2 A4 transparent sheet , i have use ohp sheet of 150 GSM , alternative options - transparent PVC sheet , etc

3 strip to hold the sheld - you can use both thick paper or plastic strip to make it

4 stapler

5 any plastic stick

Step 1: Step 1 Making Head Gear

For making head gear

1 Cut the two strip of thick paper one of length 32 cm ( the longer strip ) of width 4 cm

2 cut another strip of length length 18 cm ( the shorter strip) of with 2 cm

3 fold both the strips from the middle and bend them as shown in fig to make head gear

Step 2: Step 2 Fix Transparent Sheet Into Head Gear

fix the transparent sheet in between the paper strip you cut and staple it stapler, make sure the pins are in outside direction to keep you safe

Step 3: Step 3

Fix the paper strip with any thread or any plastic strip to tie the mask at your head than you are done with your head mask , you can also cover it from top if you want

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