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Introduction: DIY Fairy House From Two Jars

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Hey folks! Here are some instructions on how to proceed with creation of a fairy house for this project. The only tools you might need doing this work is a metal foil, cardboard, hot glue gun, acrylic and watercolor paints, sharp knife and two glass jars. Let's dive in!


  • metal foil
  • cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • acrylic and watercolor paints
  • sharp knife
  • two glass jars

Step 1:

First, find some old jars in the closet or get some in the supermarket for cheap. Once you glue them together with hot glue and foil you can start adding cardboard for the roof.

Step 2:

Make sure foil sits tight, otherwise when you put clay around it later it might crack. Cut roof pieces to adequate scale and make sure they're glued well so that roof won't be prone to any movement later on.

Step 3:

Now start working your clay - you may use air hardening modeling clay, which you don't need to bake, or even regular paper clay. Once you start modelling your clay around the house, make sure there are no gaps in between material and glass jars and also close all the gaps under cardboard roof with it.

Step 4:

Cut windows and put another layer of clay in shape of door and windows. Lay fairy house roof tiles in layers starting from bottom to top, it's preferably to place them one by one rather than in full rows, which adds to the realistic feel of the project.

Step 5:

Time to paint! First, cover all the fairy house with acrylic paint of your choice - you may go wild and choose different colors for individual elements! Then, little by little add textures to all the surfaces to imitate scratches, wear and aging effect.

Step 6:

Now when acrylic layer is done, it's time to work with watercolors, which tend to mix well on the surface of a fairy house. Start with darker colors diluting paint in water for the shadows, corners and textures.

Step 7:

Then you may work your way around the house lightening it a bit with yellow or even white watercolor paint adding water for subtle effect. Finally, insert cheap christmas lights into the house to transform it into a gorgeous night lamp!

Thank you for reading and wish you the best making a gorgeous fairy house for your kids!

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