DIY: Fall Centerpiece

Introduction: DIY: Fall Centerpiece

About: My name is Amanda and I'm the face of TrendingSeasons! I'm a twenty-something YouTube video editor, crafter, and lover of all things festive!

Synopsis: Who doesn't LOVE the combination of FALL leaves, pumpkins and mini lights?








You are going to need:

-An 8 inch clay pot

-3 plastic pumpkins (one small, medium and large)

-Wire cutters

-A paintbrush

-Orange glittery paint

-A leafy candle ring

-And battery operated lights (purchased on Amazon) (powered by three AA batteries)

NOTE: All other supplies can be found at your local craft store.

1. Grab your three pumpkins and coat them with glittery paint.

One to two thin coats works best.

2. Once all of your pumpkins are painted/dry, remove the stem of the large and medium sized pumpkins.

3. Stack one on top of the other. (Optional-if your pumpkins have long wires feel free to trim some off the bottom of each one!)

4. Take your clay pot and place the battery pack of your mini lights in the bottom.

5. Place your leafy candle ring on top and bring your mini lights up through the center.

6. Begin weaving your lights throughout the leaves. Try your best to evenly disperse them throughout.

7. Turn on the lights.

8. Place your stack of pumpkins on top!

MUSIC: YouTube Free Audio Library "Ex Boxer" Riot

SOUND EFFECTS: YouTube Free Audio Library Silverware on Glass Hands Clap Close


LIGHT LEAKS: Alexander Chapaev

EDITED WITH: Final Cut Pro X

Until next time loves! XO!

-Amanda (TrendingSeasons)

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