DIY Fashion Rainbow Yarn Bracelets

Introduction: DIY Fashion Rainbow Yarn Bracelets

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Looking for a fashionable rainbow bracelet for you and your friends?I hope you love to make them as a gift for your friends or loved one like I do myself.You can add beads and different design to your bracelet.They're easy to make.If you this instructables please vote for me; I really appreciate it;Thanks!
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Step 1: What Stitches You'll Need,to Know and Supplies

  • Yarn of your choice
    • Sharp scissors

    Looking for supplies for your bracelet? Many local art and craft shops carry art supplies.

    Some online stores that I use are:

    Step 2: Starting the Bracelet

    Start by holding both stands of yarn together to make a slip knot.Then, wrap the yarn around the hook and pull threw the loop.Now,you have a chain!Continue making enough chains to go around your wrist.I chained 25 times then,slip stitch.

    Step 3: Use the Yarn Needle

    Lastly, sew in all yarn ins.I made three in rainbow blue,pink,yellow, colors. Enjoy your bracelets!And that's it! I hope you liked it and will give this project a try yourself, I'd love to see your result if you do : )Remember;you can add different designs and beads to your bracelets!

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      4 years ago

      This looks like such a fun project to do with kids.

      DIY Hacks and How Tos

      Nice looking bracelets. I am going to have to show this to my daughter.