DIY Felted Panda or Spectacled Bear: Spread Conservation

Introduction: DIY Felted Panda or Spectacled Bear: Spread Conservation

About: (^_^)/ hi there! I'm a biologist

Spectacled bears and pandas are IN-CRE-DI-BLE. We are always amazed by them. NOW! you can make your voice matter. Build a bear for your friend, your niece, your cousin, for anybody.

Build it as a gift or for YOURSELF :) . Help spread the word. They're important.

Now for the STUFF:

You'll need

-Felt (I love felt, is perfect and soft for every age)

-Paper (To make the basic bear body shapes)

-Pen (To draw the shapes in paper)

-Thread (To saw the felt shapes together)

-Scissors (To cut the shapes in both the paper and in the felt)

-Neddle (To saw along with the thread)

-Fluffly stuffing

Step 1: Paper Shapes

1) Using your PEN and PAPER, draw the bear body shapes in a piece of paper, you can base your design on my picture.

2) Using your pen, again, LABEL!. Label every part as in the picture. Don't forget the numbers. Each number corresponds with how many parts of that figure you'll need. For example: BODY X2 means you'll need two identical Body shapes to create the body. One for the front and one for the back.

2) With the SCISSORS. Cut out the bear body shapes in paper.

3) Place the paper shapes on top of the felt.

Step 2: Felted Shapes

Now you can cut the shapes in FELT. Please don't forget the repetition.

TIPS: Felt can be difficult to cut. Take your time and do desicive cuts.

Step 3: Saw

Using the NEDDLE and the THREAD. Saw the shapes together by the extremes. Leave a little space withour sawing. You'll needed for the next part.

Step 4: Put the Plushie In

With the stuffing plush your parts so they become fluffy :)!

IMPORTANT: DON'T over stuff with the plush because it will become too hard and dense.

Step 5: Close and Place

Close the fluffiness inside and place every single part along the other to form a bear shape.

Step 6: Sawing the Bear Stuffed Shapes Together

With the neddle and thread, again, saw the parts together. Look at it, IT'S ALMOST DONE! Hurra!

Step 7: YOU DID IT!

Put a little LOVE in your bear with some nose, eyes and everything you'll like.

Don't forget to snap a PIC :D or to take a selfy and spread the word about:


They're awesome!

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    6 years ago

    This is adorable :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you! This is my first instructable Yuhuuu! :D!