Introduction: DIY Floatable Cup Holder

What a better way to start your pool season than by making your own floatable drink holder! Today we’re going to teach how to make it right at home! Start by gathering the following materials:

One pool noodle


A package of wooden skewers 12” long

Serrated knife

Non-serrated knife


Optional Materials:

Preferred drink

Drink umbrellas for decoration


We would also recommend removing any hair ties, bracelets, or rings before you start.

If trying to print instructables, pictures may come out distorted.

Step 1:

Lay your pool noodle out on a table or desk, along with the rest of your materials.

Step 2:

With your ruler measure 12 inches from the edge of the noodle and mark the 12 inch line with a sharpie. Take the serrated knife cut straight down the line you just marked.

Step 3:

Using the 12 inch noodle you just cut measure out another 12 inches with the remainder of the noodle and mark it with the sharpie.

Step 4:

Cut the noodle where you marked it with a serrated knife. So you now will have two 12 inch pieces of pool noodle.

Step 5:

Place your 12 inch pool noodle pieces together to make them parallel to one another.

Step 6:

Take one wooden skewer and pierce the pool noodle half an inch from the end of the noodle. Push it through both noodles and then cut or break off the wood on each side, leaving only a centimeter of the stick poking out.

Step 7:

Using the remainder of the pool noodle place it perpendicular on top of the two 12 inch pieces of noodle about a half of an inch below where you inserted the wooden skewers.

Step 8:

Mark the width of the noodle (7 centimeters or 2.8 inches) on the two 12 inch pieces and repeat the same on the opposite end of the two 12 inch pieces. Be careful not to roll the noodle when marking each side.

Step 9:

Using the serrated knife cut about halfway through the noodle on each perpendicular marked line on each side. Then cut across for each pair of two marks. You should reach the open center of the noodle with each piece you just cut taken out.

Step 10:

Now, measure 7 inches of the remainder of the pool noodle and mark it with a sharpie.

Step 11:

Stand up the 7 inch noodle so its vertical and then cut it in half.

Step 12:

Place the two half pieces in each slot facing down. If you cut too much, take the extra pieces of wooden skewers that were broken off and poke them into the four corners to keep the hand pieces in place.

Step 13:

Now it's time to cut the center where you will place your drink. So, place your drink of choice in the center of the two noodles and trace around the drink. Begin to cut through the noodle on your circular tracing about halfway down through the noodle with the non-serrated knife.

Warning: If the center is cut too deep, the can will drop through. Look at picture #6 for an example.

Step 14:

Place your drink in the hole and bring it to your pool or hot tub to float with you in the water!