DIY Full Face Mask in 2 Easy Steps

Introduction: DIY Full Face Mask in 2 Easy Steps

Hi everyone, we are all cooped up at home due to the pandemic and I thought, why not do something creative. And since masks are in trend right now, I was browsing for ideas and i decided to make something that not only offers virus protection, but is also trendy and serves as a sunscreen.

(please note that this not my own idea, it is just a compilation of some videos on youtube along with my own additions.)

Let's get started.


A long cotton cloth

Basic sewing supplies

Velcro/Button and elastic

Step 1: The Basic Design.

Cut your cotton cloth as shown in the figure. Fold and sew all the edges including the peephole.

Please ensure that the eye hole is not exactly in the middle but slightly higher than the half line.

(Red lines indicate the stitch lines)

Step 2: Finishing the Mask

Cut two long and thin pieces of cloth. Fold both sides in and stitch so that it resembles a ribbon. If you want to skip this step, you may also use a regular ribbon.

Cut the ribbons according to the circumference of your head and stitch them on either sides of the peephole. Stitch velcro at the ends or use a button on one end and a loop of elastic on the other. (I used the latter)
You can also add tassels at the corners to make it like stunning.

Step 3: Show It Off!

There, your mask is finished. To wear it, slip it over your head such that the peephole is over your eyes and that side of the peephole which is longer goes back. Secure it with the velcro or button. Voila! your full face mask is ready.

P.S. This project can also be used as a hijab.

Hope you like my tutorial. I have enrolled this for the sew fast challenge, so please vote for me if you find it good.

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