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Introduction: DIY Gem Phone Case

Lights, Camera, Action! This phone case shows all the glamor only a movie start like you could make! This DIY phone case is completed with a spray paint coat, and bedazzled with gorgeous gems! Follow these steps to make a jaw dropping phone case! :)

Step 1: Materials

For your materials you will need:

Glue- Any type of glue will work. Liquid glue works the best on this one though.

Sparkles!!!- Any size, any color, any sparkle!

Phone case in desperate need for a makeover- You can also just use a cheap phone case you bought at the store, if you prefer.

Spray paint, or normal paint- I did spray paint, but really any type works.

Step 2: Paint Your Case

If you ae using spray paint, or normal paint it doesn't really matter. Just focus on getting the sides of the phone case painted. Make sure you get EVERY spot on the case. Leave it out to dry over night, or at least 5-6 hours. I know that seems like a lot, but make sure you are doing this at a good time. IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO MY DIRECTIONS, WAIT YOU WILL BE UNSATISFIED, OR NOT, I REALLY DON'T KNOW. :P

Step 3: Time for the SPARKLES

The best part! After your case is COMPLETELY dried, you may start the glue. What you can do if you have liquid glue is, just put random globs of glue all over the phone case. Don't worry, if you have liquid glue the glue will dry and come off of the spots where you don't have gems. When I did my case I was worried about the glue staying on there, but it didn't so your safe. After you have the globs of paint on, GO CRAZY! Throw all of the sparkles you want on to the case! Once you have finished putting on your gems, put your case in a safe spot to dry.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I hope you are satisfied with your phone case!

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