DIY Glass Etched Night Lamp




Introduction: DIY Glass Etched Night Lamp

Hello, this is a simple night lamp that i built using two LEDs, some wood, glass and a Dremel. It is very easy and simple to make and you can make one too just by following these steps below.

Step 1: Materials

  • Dremel
  • Flexible shaft extension for dremel
  • Sheet of glass (you can use any size you want)
  • Safety goggles and mask

Step 2: Printing

Just print out any thing that you want to etch on the glass. The simpler the image, the easier it'll be to etch. I have attached the file that I printed.

Step 3: Etching

Now stick your sheet of paper that you printed out to a board or anything using some tape. Then put the glass on top of it and align it and stick it to the board also with some tape. And then start engraving using your dremel shaft extension tool. Once you're done, remove the tape and take out the glass. It'll look something like that in the picture.

Step 4: Base With LEDs

Now take a block of wood which is slightly larger than the width of the glass and cut a slot in the middle. Then drill two holes for the LEDs. You can also use an led strip. Then wire the LEDs and resistors. And then stick in the sheet of glass. Mine was a little loose so I stuck some foam in it to make it firm and hold the glass in place. Now power the LEDs and your lamp will be ready.

Step 5:

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