Introduction: DIY Glass Jar Christmas Centrepiece

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If you're planning a spectacular dinner with all the trimmings this Christmas, then this super simple glass jar Christmas centrepiece is just what you need to put the finishing touches to your festive dinner table!

No festive feast table is complete without a Christmas centrepiece and this year you can really wow your family and friends with this beautiful, vintage style centrepiece made with leftover Christmas decorations and a couple of glass jars.

With only a week to go until the big day, this is a really quick, no fuss centrepiece that you can make with things you'll already have at home at this time of year!

Step 1: What You'll Need

All you need to create this gorgeous, vintage style Christmas centrepiece is 2 or 3 empty glass jars (or one big one) and whatever Christmas paraphernalia you can spare!

The only essential item for this instructable is the jar(s); you can use any leftover Christmas decorations or wrapping you have lying around to create the look you want...

We used:

Step 2: Load Up Your Jars

Simply pop your decorations into the jars and marvel at your genius!
We used 3 jars, with 3 different effects:

Jar 1
Simply filled with some mini baubles we had spare - red, gold, blue and white

Jar 2
Stuffed with a loose end of gold tinsel and topped with a rose shaped candle

Jar 3
We had a couple of goes with this one...
Option 1
Candle - we filled the jar with a bag of loose star shaped candle wax and wick

Option 2
Lantern - we used the same loose wax but this time we popped in a small set of star shaped battery powered LED lights and finished with another rose shaped candle, voila - Christmas Lantern

Arrange your wonderful, DIY, vintage style centrepiece however you like and bask in the warm glow as the compliments come rolling in!

For more vintage style Christmas and home decor ideas head over to our pinterest page now.

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