DIY Grocery Bag Flowers




Introduction: DIY Grocery Bag Flowers

This is a easy craft that doesn't require a lot of fancy materials! These flowers are pretty and fun to make. Plus you are recycling your old plastic bags to make something new!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The things you will need for this craft is:
Grocery bags
Green paper
Hot Glue/Tape

Step 2: Form Your Flower

Cut your grocery bag into a square. Then, pinch the middle of your grocery bag, using your other hand to form your grocery bag into a flower. Do this until your get the look you would like. Then, twist the bottom of the flower and tape the bottom so it stays in place.
*You can also cut the top of the flower to give your flower a finished look.

Step 3: Finish Your Flower

Once you have formed your flower, cut your green paper into a long strip, this will be the stem for your flower. I made mine 1" x 10.5". Place your flower on your paper and tape or hot glue. Then roll your green paper into a stem shape, tape to stay secure. Here's the finished product! Be sure to like this craft!

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