DIY Handmade Ganesha Wall Hanging

Introduction: DIY Handmade Ganesha Wall Hanging

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Check out This wall hanging, it is very unique and beautiful handmade pieces for your wall, This Ganesha wall hanging craft is a traditional Indian wall decor as well as a home decor item too.

Wall hanging is a flat, usually unframed piece of decorative work for hanging on a wall.learn to make a wall hanging craft with this simple step-by-step process and surprise your friends and family....


1.Bamboo Soop

2.Fevicryl Mouldit Art Clay

3.Talcum Powder

4.Acrylic Paint

5.Paint Brushes

6.Detail Cutter (Craft Knife)


Step 1: Mixing the Clay

Inside the Fevicryl Mouldit packet, you will found two substances one is resin and other is a hardener, Mixed those elements properly until you get a white clay...

This is an air-dry clay and it will take only 20-30 minutes to dry. It's a very good Product for crafts...

Fevicryl Mouldit is purely used as a modelling compound by artists and it serves the same purpose as polymer clay, which is extensively used in making miniature models, sculpted dolls, figurines, theatre props and sets, costume pieces, jewellery, etc.

Step 2: How to Make a Leaf Shape

Flatten the clay with a rolling pin then place a leaf cut out and cut it with a craft knife ...

Step 3: Detailing on the Leaf Shape

make some detailing on the leaf...

Leave it for a few minutes to dry ...

Step 4: Making the Ganesha

Making the Ganesha with the clay...

Step 5: Colour It

Colour the Ganesha with Acrylic Paint

Step 6: Colour the Leaf

Colour the leaf with acrylic paint...

Step 7: Final Project

Stick the Ganesha and the Leaf on the Bamboo Soop with Hot Glue Gun.....

Now our wall Hanging is ready...

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