Introduction: DIY Harry Potter Wand - Halloween Edition

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This was a fun DIY that is great for all ages! I wanted to do something unique so I figured a DIY Halloween Inspired Harry Potter Wand was perfect!


Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue Sticks, Bead Ball, Dowel to fit bead ball, paint, painting supplies

Step 1: Add E6000 to Bead Ball

Add E6000 inside both ends of your bead ball. (Bead ball size is determined by the size you want your wand)

Step 2: Add Hot Glue to Bead Ball

Add hot glue to both ends of the bead ball. This will allow the dowel (next step) to set so you can keep working while waiting on the E6000 to dry.

Step 3: Install Dowel

Install dowel into one end of the bead ball. Dowel should stick out about 1/2" through the other side (acting as a pumpkin stem). The dowel size is determined by the diameter of the hole in the bead ball.

Step 4: Adding Detail to the Dowel

Using your hot glue gun, dispense glue running down the dowel. This will give it texture and dimension. Do some streaks going straight all the way down and some in more of a zig zag pattern.

Step 5: The Handle

Start at the bead ball and dispense a lot of glue for about 6" down the dowel. The thickness of the handle will be determined by the look you are wanting for your wand.

Step 6: Painting

Here is where you can get creative. I chose to just use solid black paint because I am going for a dark halloween feel. The sky is the limit on the colors and details you can do with your wand. Let your imagination run wild.

Step 7: Halloween Spirit

Now it is up to you!!! Use your vinyl cutter to create the perfect decal or if you artistic then hand paint your favorite halloween design!

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