Introduction: DIY Haunted Halloween Lantern

You will love these Halloween Lanterns! DIY HAUNTED HALLOWEEN LANTERNS It is a great way to spook up your Halloween tables, porch steps and dark corners. This is a cheap way to decorate your house by reusing those old jars to make them into something cool. It is an easy craft for kids too. We hope you enjoy this spooky Halloween craft. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel: EasyMeWorld for more awesome crafts. Thank you for watching and Happy Halloween!

Step 1: Use Your Imagination

I made 4 different lanterns to give you some ideas. Use your imagination to make your lanterns unique. There are so many ways that you can spook up your house with this craft. Be creative!


*Old Jars

*Acrylic Paint

*Glue Gun

*Mod Podge or Elmers Glue *Paint Brush

*Small Flower Pot, Soup Can, Cardboard (use your imagination) - For Table Top Lanterns

*Wire (for hanging lanterns)

*Creepy Cloth (From the Dollar Store)

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