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Introduction: DIY Hogwarts House Cups

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It's Harry Potter's birthday, and what better way is there to celebrate than watch the movies? But, you can't watch the movies without any Harry Potter merchandise!!! Since the movies are really long, I decided to make a Hogwarts themed cup to enjoy the movies with! Plus, when you put drinks in the cup it looks like there might be a potion in it!!!
This DIY is super easy to make, and all of the supplies I used were things I already had. I saved lots of money!!!
This would be great for a Harry Potter themed birthday party, or a present for a muggle who loves everything about magic and Hogwarts.

Step 1: the Materials

For this project you will need.....

  • A mason jar with a handle and a lid
  • a small picture of the certain house's crest (For this cup, I chose Gryffindor)
  • Acrylic or metal paint the colors of the house you chose (I used red and yellow)
  • Mod Podge or other strong, water proof sealers (If you use mod podge,I think Glossy would look better, but I used Matt because I already had some)
  • Gold acrylic or glass paint
  • Paintbrushes ( a brush with thin bristles and a brush with wider bristles)
  • A sponge brush (for the mod podge)

Step 2: Getting the House Crest Onto the Mason Jar

Since the crest I printed wasn't cut, I had to do the job!!! I cut the outsides of the crest as I didn't want it to get too complicated. I left the black parts that were inside of the crest there. If you want, you can cut out every bit that is not involved in the logo but that seemed too hard for me. Plus, ain't nobody got time for that!
The next part of this step is to glue the crest to the mason jar. To do this, I simply put some mod podge on the back of the crest and placed it on top of where the logo on the jar was. Once the mod podge dried, I used a sponge brush to put more mod podge on top of the crest.

While the mod podge was drying, this is what I did........... (I am talking about the next step below!)

Step 3: Painting the Lid of the Mason Jar

To me, this was the most difficult part of the whole process but its actually really simple.

If your mason jar lid is seperated, you should glue the parts together so it turns into 1 lid piece. What I did was get the 2 shades of red paint and the 2 shades of yellow paint and mixed them together to make the perfect Gryffindor shades. I started with the wider brush and got some of the red. Next, I just painted 2 lines of red that had spaces that were the same sizes as the red parts onto the mason jar lid. Once that dried, I filled in the blank spot with the yellow paint to make stripes. You don't have to paint the 2 colors together to make them look like stripes but I thought it looked more Hogwart-like. After they both fully dried, I added a second coat to both colors and I made the lines more straight so it looked better.

Step 4: Adding the 'Hogwart' to It

This is the final touch (sort of). And the best!!!

Using the thin brush and the gold paint, I printed HOGWARTS on the back of the cup to make it look like it was owned by Hogwarts. I used a reference of the Hogwarts logo to print Hogwarts in the right font.You don't have to add this step, but I think it added a nice touch to the whole cup. You can also put this onto the handle of the cup. Once it dried, I didn't put another layer of paint on because the paint might drip and you might make a mistake.

Step 5: Securing Everything

The final step to this project is to put mod podge or your sealer onto everything you painted or added to the mason jar. I put around 3-5 layers of the mod podge just to be sure that nothing will wash off when you clean the cup. (PS don't put this in the dishwasher) Once you have done that, leave it to fully dry overnight or for 24 hours.

Step 6: FINISHED!!!


I hope you liked this DIY and try to make it. Of course, you don't have to make Gryffindor. You can customized it and you don't even have to use Harry Potter! This is only an example. Please vote for me in the wizarding competition. I think It turned out really well and I LOVE it. I hope you do to!!! :)

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