Introduction: DIY Home Decor With Water Balls and LED

How about decorating your homes with LED & water balls? It's an extremely cost effective DIY home decor technique to make your home stylish. Amazing water beads start out as just tiny hard pellets, just add water and they will expand into beautiful glimmering gel beads. You can get them online or much cheaper at your art shop. It costs INR 5 or $ 0.07 per packet when sourced locally.

DIY Home Decor with Water Balls and LED you will require:

  • Water balls
  • LED
  • Coin cell battery
  • Straw
  • Transparent flask (We upcycled disposable plastic glasses)

Step 1: Attached LED With Battery to the Flask

Connect LED with battery at the base of the flask.

Here we have utilized plastic disposable cup so we put an opening at the base of the cup to connect the LED & battery. Positive terminal (Bigger lead of LED) is connected to positive of the battery and other lead of LED to negative terminal of battery.

You can likewise utilize glass flask so you simply need to put LED inside the jar. Be that as it may, ensure LED light should be facing towards the top of flask.

Step 2: Fill Water Balls

Put the straw on the LED so, that LED light gets scattered in the entire flask. Then, fill the cup with water balls and cover it from the top.

Your DIY project is ready to brighten up your room.

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