DIY Jean Bag



Introduction: DIY Jean Bag

Sometimes upcycling can produce some really fantastic and usable pieces of functional art. This was the case when I made my jean bag.

I had some old jeans lying around and I wanted to make something useful out of them again. Overall they were good jeans, they had just worn too much in the knees and pockets to be useful wearing anymore. With a little creativity I was able to give new life to these old jeans and make a great new bag.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies I used to make my jean bag

Old Jeans

Fabric - some Fabric I found on the remnants rack


sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Pieces

I started by cutting the pieces I needed for my bag

I started with the jeans. I used two different sets of jean legs for the project. I cut off the seams and cut more straight edged pieces to work with.

I then cut my fabric to make some small accent pieces to go in between the jean legs.

The result was two striped sides for my bag.

Step 3: Sew Sides

After cutting out the pieces I set about sewing them together.

The biggest thing I had to be careful about is to make sure that I was using the right piece at the right time so I got the pattern I wanted in the end.

Step 4: Cut (more) Pieces

Once I had the side pieces complete and sewn I took time to cut a bottom accent piece for the bag.

Since I had extra fabric I decided to make this bag have sides and a bottom as well and cut pieces for those as well.

Step 5: (more) Sewing!

After all the pieces were cut out I sewed them all together.

I started by sewing the accent pieces onto all the sides.

I then sewed the bottom onto the front and back pieces and added the side pieces at the end.

Finally I hemmed the top edge of the bag

Step 6: Handles

The last step I had was to create handles.

First I cut a couple strips of fabric from my accent fabric and sewed them together and hemmed the edges so I had no raw edges sticking out.

I then attached them to the bag using a X sewing method, making sure each side of the handles were sewn on well.

Step 7: Finished

I was so happy with how this bag turned out. Now I have a great new bag to carry my stuff to work in!


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