Introduction: DIY Jewelry Organizer

Hello everyone!

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a jewelry organizer using just 2 bowls, 2 candle sticks/pedestals, and a plate!

You can use it for other things like I'm using mine for headbands because I was a rep for Headbands of Hope (for every headband purchased, one goes to a girl with cancer and $1 goes to cancer research). We got prizes for doing certain activities and I was a rep for a year so got manyyy headbands as prizes.

This Instructable has flexibility. If you want to use it as a display for figurines, for example, you can use two plates and a saucer at the top! This way you have flat surfaces so they stand up and they can be displayed easier!

Step 1: Gather Materials

If you want to make an organizer like mine, you will need the following:

-big bowl
-dinner plate
-small bowl
-2 candle sticks or candle pedestals
-E6000 adhesive

-felt (protect surface you put organizer on from getting scratched from bottom of organizer)
-lazy Susan (to allow your organizer to rotate)

For the candle sticks/candle pedestals, keep in mind that they are the main determinants of how tall your organizer will be. The taller they are the taller your organizer will be. Also, the taller they are, the easier it is to access what you put on the level below it. For example, the tall height of the bottom candle pedestal allows for one to easily take things in and out of the bottom bowl.

Be sure to not get a candle pedestal that has a point in the middle of it (for securing candle in place) or if you do be sure to have a way to cut if off.

You may also want to paint the candle sticks/pedestals. I want to keep the bowls and plate in original condition but will be painting each candle pedestal a different color.

If you do want to paint them you will either need paint and paint brush or spray paint.

I used spray paint mostly and used regular paint for details on the top candle pedestal.

Step 2: Paint Candle Sticks/pedestals

Paint your candle sticks/pedestals:

Use masking tape to protect details you don't want to get paint on.

Follow instructions on spray paint can or use paint to paint your candle sticks/pedestals.

Let dry completely.

Paint details if you want then let dry completely.

Step 3: Protect Paint

Spray acrylic coating onto your candle sticks/pedestals to protect them from chipping and to make them shiny.

Let dry completely.

Step 4: Take Off Masking Tape

Take off any masking tape (if applicable) to reveal the finished candle sticks/pedestals.

Step 5: Glue It All Together

We are putting this organizer together like this:

Top: small bowl
Candle stick
Candle stick
Bottom: big bowl

Think of an order of assembly that would be easiest to glue together. I started by using the E6000 to glue together the bottom candle pedestal and the bottom of the plate.

I let this dry.

Then glued bottom of bottom candle pedestal to inside bottom of the large bowl. I let this dry completely.

Next, I glued the bottom of the top candle pedestal to the top middle of the plate. Let this dry completely.

Glued the small bowl on top of the top candle pedestal. It turns out that I wasn't paying attention when I bought this "bowl" and it was a bottomless bowl... Probably used for something useful but I can't think of any reasons it should exist haha. But so I had a leftover tea cup saucer from another project and put that into the bottomless bowl so the bowl had a base. If you picked a bowl out then you don't need to do this.

Let dry completely.

Step 6: Optional Finishing Touches

Glue a circle of felt onto the bottom of your organizer or put it on a lazy Susan (not pictured).

Step 7: Put Organizer to Use!

Put your jewelry/headbands/etc onto your organizer!

Now aren't you fancy? :)

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