Introduction: DIY Jewelry Organizer: Necklace Holder Tutorial

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Admit it.

You struggle DAILY with tangled jewelry and wonder, why? Why does this happen to me every time?! Isn't there a solution for it? (well, well I know you have a nice jewelry box lying somewhere in your house which you don't bother to use.) So for you, my dear lady, a special DIY Necklace Holder which can be made in literally a matter of minutes is presented. AND, you know what? You don't even require any special materials for this Jewelry Organizer! All you need is some old cardboard box which is waiting for its end moment to come, but wait, no, you won't throw it, right? Yes! So let's do some recycling and make ourselves an awesome jewelry organizer aka a DIY Necklace holder!

Have fun!

And yes, you can thank me later for all the time you save daily after making this DIY necklace holder.. :)

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