Introduction: DIY Kansas City Royals Wreath

Looking for a cheap, simple, and fun project to support your favorite baseball team? I have a project in store for you. This project would only cost about $6 for you to make, only if you didn't have all of the materials with you. I only had to buy the two letters and the white and blue tulle. This project was really fun to do. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Step 1: Materials


Hoops: 1: 7 in. 1: 12 in

1 roll of Blue and 1 roll of white tulle

1 roll of Blue and white ribbon

White paint



Hot Glue Gun

White 5 in. K, 5 in. C letters

18 Popsicle sticks

Wood glue

Step 2: Center the Circles

Place the 12 inch hoop on a flat surface. Then place the 7 inch hoop inside of the center of the 12 inch one. The smaller hoop will allow more support for the letters.

Step 3: Place the Popsicle Sticks

Arrange the Popsicle sticks in alternating ways around the circles. This will also allow more support for the letters. Then place the wood glue underneath the Popsicle sticks. After the glue and Popsicle sticks are down, let it dry for awhile so it will stay sturdy.

Step 4: Place and Glue Letters

Once the Popsicle sticks are all placed and dried, place the wood glue down through the middle of the letters and place it where you want it around the circle. Once they are placed, let it sit and dry for awhile. Do not try picking the entire wreath up or else the letters might fall and they will have to be placed again.

Step 5: Cut the Tulle and Burlap

You can cut the tulle and burlap in different sizes that you want it to be. You can cut them once you move along because you don't know how much you'll need. When I cut a strand of burlap I cut it in half and then in half again because I didn't want the burlap to be so long.

Step 6: Tie and Glue Tulle and Burlap

When you put the tulle and burlap on the Popsicle sticks make a pattern or just however you like them. You can tie the tulle in a knot around the sticks. Use hot glue to glue the burlap on. Making a knot for the burlap around the stick might be a little hard. Continue gluing and tying the tulle and burlap around the entire wreath.

Step 7: Wrap Tulle Around the Hoop

After you finish tying and gluing the burlap and tulle around both of the hoops, take the white tulle and wrap around in between where you just see the wooden parts of the hoop. By doing this, it will help make the wreath stand out better and so it won't be as noticeable to see the hoop.

Step 8: Cut and Glue the Ribbon

Once the tulle is all placed around the hoop, cut the ribbon to the length you would like it. Place it in the middle at the top and hot glue it for it to stay the best.

Step 9: Add Tulle If Needed

Once you finish everything, hang your wreath up. If one side of the wreath looks like there is more tulle than the other side, you might have to add tulle around the hoop to fill in the gaps.