Introduction: DIY Laptop Stand With PVC Pipes

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In this project I am making simple and useful diy stand for laptop from pvc and connectors

It can lift the laptop from the ground to inches and let the laptop ventilation so it won't heat up and work good

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8 '' pvc pipes x 3

4 '' pvc pipes x 2

u connector x 4

angle connector x 2

Step 1: Making It Simple

Place all the parts in front of you on the table just like the first image and start connecting all the parts from the bottom to the top

connect the the u connector on 8 '' pvc and then connect it to the angle and then connect it to the 4'' piece and after that need to connect to the u connector which will eventually connect to the top pvc of 8 '' which will give support to the whole structure same repeat with the other part together to form a stand for laptop

On this stand any size of laptop can be put and can use easily

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