Introduction: DIY: Leather Accent Fold Over Pouch - Hand Stitched Method

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Fold over pouches are light weight, convenient and gorgeous looking accessory.

Here I made it with black thin leather and butterfly pattern accent fabric. It is so easy to make.

Hope you will like this trendy pouch :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

Thin leather / Faux leather

Accent fabric

lining fabric

Zipper - 9 inch




Paper clips or pins

Ruler and pencil

Step 2: Pattern

To make this foldover pouch you will need

1 piece of 5 inch x 13 inch leather

2 pieces of 4.5 inch x 13 inch Accent fabric

1 piece of 9 inch x 13 inch lining fabric

9 inch Zipper

Step 3: Cut Into Pieces

Cut the materials according to the pattern.

Step 4: Sew Leather and Accent Fabrics

Take leather and a piece of accent fabric, place them right sides facing in. Now start stitching it on wrong side using thread and needle with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

(Hand stitched method : Push the needle with thread where you want to start and bring the needle back through both layers of fabric and leather just in front of the previous stitch. Repeat the stitch until you want. Knot the thread at the end of stitching).

Once you done on one side. Take another piece of fabric. Pin it with other side of leather and start stitching on wrong side.

Step 5: Attach Lining Fabric and Zipper

Take short pieces of leather about 3/8 of an inch. Place over an one end of zipper and stitch it. Repeat the same for another end of zipper.

Now take zipper, lining fabric and accent fabric. Place the accent fabric face-up, and line up the zipper face down along one edge. Place lining fabric face down on top of the zipper. Pin and sew all the three pieces together with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

To stitch another side of zipper, fold the fabrics to wrong side and stacking them like a sandwich : fabric , zipper (right side in) and lining fabric. Pin and sew them all together.

Before you get to sew the both sides, make sure that you opened the zipper a few inches so that you can flip it to right side once you done.

Now start sewing the both sides with 3/8 inch seam allowance.

Step 6: Attach Zipper Pull

Flip the pouch to right side.

Take 3'' X 1/4'' inch of leather, Insert it to the zipper hole and stitch the both ends of leather. Zipper pull ready. ..

All done :) Enjoy..

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