DIY Leopard Heart Tank Top




Introduction: DIY Leopard Heart Tank Top

Step 1: Materials

-Plain white tank (I bought this at Old Navy for $5.99 on clearance). -black lace material -Leopard material -two heart cut-outs, one bigger than the other (can find on google and just print out) -black and gold thread -needle -scissors -pins - gold elastic sequins strip

Step 2: Pin 1

Pin larger heart cut-out to a doubled over black piece of lace. This will result in two black lace heart cut-outs to make for a thicker look.

Step 3: Cut 1

Cut out black lace hearts around heart

Step 4: Two Black Lace Hearts

Step 5: Prepare First Sew

Use black needle and thread

Step 6: Sew 1

Sew two black lace hearts together in the center, just to make them easier to work with.

Step 7: Pin 2

Pin smaller heart cut-out to leopard material

Step 8: Cut 2

Cut out leopard heart

Step 9: Sew Hearts Together

Sew leopard print heart to black lace hearts. I chose to hand sew this by hand, but you may use a sewing machine.

Step 10: Shirt Time

Get your white tank

Step 11: Sew Black Heart to Shirt

I also sewed this on by hand, but once again it is up to you if you prefer a machine. I've had some struggles with sewing lace using my machine, but experienced sewers should have no problem.

Step 12: Sew on Sequins

I hand-sewed the sequins to the shirt around the black lace, leaving room to reveal the black lace heart. Tip: don't cut the sequins strip until finished sewing it to the shirt.

Step 13: Finished Project

Project complete

Step 14: Big Reveal

One new shirt added to your closet

Step 15: Rock It

Hope you enjoyed!

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    9 years ago

    Very smart. I love it.