Introduction: DIY Light Saber (from Recycled Stuff)

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This project aims to repurpose a Christmas lighting fixtures that does'nt work,but can be repair by replacing the busted LEDs on it.,then i thought it would be better if can change the uses of it instead of using it on special season of Christmas.Since the movie Star Wars VII is fast approaching and and will be showing in just few days.,And me as an avid fan of this movie sequels.,i wanted it to convert it too a Light Saber in an inexpessive way.Which almost every Star Wars fan wants to have(kid or adult).,And that's how it all started.

Step 1: Parts and Tools


•39"-42" Polycarbonate tube(clear)
•2 strongLED(white) or Flashlight
•4 AA batteries
•some red & black wires
•Battery Holder
•Quick dry epoxy or elmers glue
•Hot Glue
•some kitchen sink pipe fixtures
- or anything for the "Hilt"
•EVA foam (optional)


•Soldering Gun + lead
•Glue Gun
•Sand paper
•Electrical Tape

•LEDs or flashlight and other electronic parts can be bought online on radioshack,alieexpress and other online stores that sells electronic parts.

•i bought my flashlight for about $0.32 = P15.00 from a walkin store.

•Polycarbonate clear tube = free from my old stock

Step 2: Procedures to Make

•This "Light Saber" project was made in one piece.Meaning the "Blade & the Hilt" was bonded together.

•a new flashlight i bought and used here had a built in 4 button cell (1.5v x 4 = 6vdc) in series set up case and no resistor or any other electronic parts soldered with LEDs.

How i made it:

1.Preparing the "Blade" out of clear polycarbonate tube by allocating a 28 inches length for the blade and leaving the 11 inches left for the "Hilt".(total length =39 inches)
•mine was 42 inches.,i reduced the size of it to fit the light emitted by the flashlight im using.

2.Since the i used is clear.,i need to make it as opaque as i could-for the purpose of diffusing the light emitted by the flashlight LED.First i sanded the blade part only using sandpaper,leaving the hilt as is.,test your flashlight on it if the light is diffused and if you are satisfied with the blade's glow with LED's beam.Then move for the Hilt's LED lighting.if not continue sanding it evenly.
•or you can use a white film & rolled it inside your or just use a plain bond paper as alternative.

3.The top end cap of the might be rounded or pointed.,whatever it is.,It's necessary to make a reflector out of aluminum sheet.(the purpose of this is to help the blade glow much stronger by reflecting back the light beam downward through the blade.

4.After the blade preparations.,move along with the LED lighting electronics on how you will fit your LED lighting and batteries inside the Hilt..,Then after working out the electronics & some few basic soldering.,test it before proceeding to make up your "Hilt" if the LED lighting work as intended for the blade to glow.You're good to go to move on the part of this project.

5.After everything is ready.,The funnest part is how you will design your "Hilt".,Copying from different design from the movie itself is just fine.,But i've read from builders here who have just made their own lightsaber.,and upon checking from other forums and wookipedia.,indeed and it's true - a Jedi or Sith should make his own LightSaber whichever side you want.,Feel free to design your own Hilt Design or you can make an exact replica from the movie SW lightsabers.

•how i built my Hilt was so easy (images are provided along the this instructables).,i just used whatever material i have in hand.,And it ended up good with some "ObiWan's lightsaber" inspirations.

•images of how i built it are in some parts of this ible.

Step 3: Night Lamp Stand

I used my CD Tower Rack made of metal as stand for LightSaber for display and use it as night lamp when i need to.I just added some mods on it by putting ring and a base to hold the lightsaber in place,made it all out of foam only.

Step 4: Test

Images of testing the LightSaber and uses as Night Lamp .

Step 5: Result

The project ended up very good for me (imo), at least.,my broken Christmas running light fixtures was been recreated into a useful light for all season.And as you can see in the images.,i can use it as a night lamp and a display at the same time when not in use,or show it with my friends as a "LightSaber" too.
So that was how i build my LightSaber and Hoping you enjoy reading this instructables.

"May the Force be with You"

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