DIY Light Up Paintball Mask

Introduction: DIY Light Up Paintball Mask

Hey guys this is how you make any type of mask with a clear lens light up.

Step 1: Matirials

Ok so for this you will need
-hot glue
-a small light with a switch (I used and LED)
-a mask with a clear lens
-and if you want you could as tape or paint or something to decorate it

Step 2: Finding the Right Place

Ok so you will want to look all around your masks lens and try and find the perfect place for your light. I put mine on the top so I could get the whole lens to light up but you can put yours any where. You guys probably can't see it but I showed my light at the top and covered it in black electrical tape so no light can escape except for the light escaping on to the lens

Step 3: Securing It

Ok so now your hot glue comes in and what you want to do is hold your light in the place you selected and hot glue it in place. Then once that drys you want to add another layer to that hot glue.

Step 4: Done!

Ok so now you need to do all the wiring and hook it up to your switch and battery and then your done. I hope you enjoyed this instruct able and I will see you next time

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    9 years ago

    I guess but it really depends on how bright your light is for ex. If you have a realy cool dim blue light it's great cause from a distance people can't see the light unless there really close but at that point you should shoot them already


    9 years ago on Introduction

    no offense but if you do this and you are playing at night you are shur to be shot lol good way to give away your location