DIY Lighted WallSconce

Introduction: DIY Lighted WallSconce

About: Recently started DIY project and now I’m an addict. I like taking old stuff and making something new.

I had an idea for a custom Lighted wall sconce. Had some metal sconces that I hadn’t planned on using but decided to build and stain some wood pieces to hang them on.

Step 1: Cut Boards

I used 1x4x8 boards and 1/4 inch panel board. I cut to desired size and nailed together using 5/8 inch nails.

Step 2: Install Hanging Hardware

Installed hanging hardware on back

Step 3: Stain

I stained using weathered grey stain

Step 4: Check

I checked placement of metal sconces I planned to attach to front.

Step 5: Silver Wax

I brushed on silver wax

Step 6: Dark Wax

I brushed on dark wax

Step 7: White Wax

I added white wax

Step 8: Sand

I sanded and prepared for one last coat of white wax

Step 9: White Wax

I added white wax and mounted metal sconces to the front.

Step 10: Finished

Hung on wall and hung lantern from it.

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