Introduction: DIY MAGNETIC HELICOPTER | How to Make a Helicopter With Magnets

This fun DIY project shows you how to build a magnetic helicopter using 421 small magnets and 2 skateboard bearings. Showing the placement of every single magnet would result in a very lengthy instructable. In order to prevent a very long tutorial, I have included a video with step by step instructions as well as an "exploded view" so you can see each individual section that is required to build the magnetic helicopter!

Step 1: Required Supplies

For this project I used 421 small magnets and 2 skateboard bearings. Out of the 421 magnets, 404 were cubed magnets and 17 were ball magnets. You can use the links below to purchase the magnets and bearings from Amazon if you wish:

Cubed Magnets:

Ball Magnets:


Step 2: "Exploded View"

This view shows you each section that is required in order to make the magnetic helicopter. I found it easiest to make one section at a time and lay it out as the picture depicts. When you begin to assemble to magnetic helicopter, begin with the body (middle portion) of the helicopter and work your way out. The last thing you should add is the bearings (propellers a.k.a spinning parts).

Step 3: Final Product

In the end, if you followed the steps in the "exploded view" and the instructional video, your magnetic helicopter should look something like the image above!

This is a cool little project that you can bring to show and tell, use as a paper weight at work or in your home office, or simply place on your shelf for decoration.

Hope you enjoy your new helicopter!