Introduction: DIY MONEY PRINTER (a Prank , of Course)

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Here's a simple and basic instructable to fool your family and friends.
(P.S this is my first instructable. Follow me for more instructables like it. I would love to hear your views on this instructable. Suggestions and ideas for new instructables are openly welcome.)

Step 1: Requirements

You will need the following things to make your own DIY money printer:-
1.) 8 Ice Cream Sticks
2.) 2 cylinders(I used permanent markers)
3.)Glue gun or super glue
4.) Papers
5.)Thin strip of cardboard
6.)Sticky tape
7.) Some of your hard earned bucks.
$$ Ka-ching $$

That's it!! Let's start making it.

Step 2: Prepping the Ice Cream Sticks

Cut both the edges of the ice cream sticks.Then stick 4 of them together with hot glue or super glue as shown in the picture. Take the other 4 sticks and cut them to shorten their length than the sticks which we stuck together.

Now, stick the shorter ice cream sticks perpendicularly to the outermost ice-cream sticks on both sides as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Prepping the Cardboard

Take two cardboard strips of length of that of the shorter ice cream sticks and width of 2 Ice cream sticks. Make 2 holes in them very close to each other of the diameter of the permanent marker or the the cylinder which you are using. The cylinders should snugly fit in the holes. They should not Rotate unless we rotate them. The closer the Holes are, the better.

Now stick the cardboard sheets to the perpendicular ice cream sticks with hot glue as shown in the picture. The Holes SHOULD BE PARALLEL to each other.

After sticking the cardboard , insert the cylinders in the holes.

Step 4: The Secret

Here's the most important part.

The money printer won't work unless this part is followed properly.

Take the paper strip(Length of a4 size sheet ; can be more, Suitable breadth) and stick it to the black marker(lower cylinder) with the help of tape. Then pass the strip of paper between the two markers as shown in the picture. Stick the paper strip to the green marker(upper cylinder). Rotate both cylinders in the same direction i.e if you rotate one cylinder clockwise then rotate the other cylinder clockwise too. Rotate till the strip is deposited tightly and equally on both cylinders.

Step 5: The Hidden Part

Now, rotate the green cylinder till almost all the paper (even from the lower cylinder)is deposited on it leaving very little strip of paper deposited on the lower cylinder. Then insert a currency note in the slot between the two markers and rotate the black marker till the paper strip completely engulfs the note. At this point, paper is deposited equally on both cylinders and the currency note is engulfed in the strip deposited on the lower cylinder.

Step 6: Let's Make It Work!!

Cut a piece if paper exactly in the size of the currency note. Then , insert that blank paper into the slot from the side opposite to where the note was engulfed. Then, Rotate the upper barrel(it will work either clockwise or anticlockwise. It depends. Check which way it works before showing it to the audience.) and you will see that the blank paper is engulfed and the currency note comes out from the other side at the same time making it look like the money was printed on the blank paper.

Step 7: Have Fun!!

Have fun showing it to your family and friends. You can modify it or decorate it if you like. You can even attach a motor to the cylinder to rotate it instead of rotating it manually.

And That's it!! I hope you liked my first instructable. :)

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( P.S Be sure to attach pics of your own money printer if you make one)