Introduction: DIY Magnetic Notepad and Pencil

Recently, I have been thinking what I could do with all those promotional magnetic stickers that get dropped on my doorstep. I was sure that I wasn't going to put them up anywhere so, I was thinking of alternate was of using them and I came up with this idea of making my own magnetic notepad for the fridge.

I made this notepad entirely out of things that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

I used, 3 one-side used A4 sized papers.A card cut out from a magazine. A magnetic stickerStapler Cellotapescissors and a paper knife.And this is how I made it.

Cut each A4 sized paper into 8 equal sized pieces and stack all the papers together with the unused side up.

Divide the paper and into 3 stacks and run each stack through a sewing machine with no thread. (as shown in the picture) This ensures we can easily tear off paper from the notepad.

Put the stacks of paper back together.

Cut out a piece of card a little bigger than the size of the paper that was cut.

Fix the magnetic sticker to the card with a cellotape. Staple the stack of papers together with the card such that the magnet is on the inside of the notepad.

Put small pieces of cellotape to the back of the stapler pins to make sure they don't scratch the surface of the fridge.

In addition, I also taped a strip of magnet that I cut out from the magnetic sticker onto a pencil. So the notepad pencil pair is now complete!

The DIY Magnetic Notepad is ready for use!