DIY: Make This Easy Cat Toy! :)

Introduction: DIY: Make This Easy Cat Toy! :)

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Hey everyone! I know Christmas is fast approaching, and I bet you're wondering what you can give to your cat for Christmas. Well, I have a solution. This easy and eco-friendly cat toy! Let's get started, shall we? Also, please supervise your cat while playing with this toy. Thanks. :)

Step 1: Grab Your Materials.

Here is what you're going to need:

-Old T-shirts in any colors

-Needle and thread




-Template (Just a basic small football shape)



Step 2: Grab Your Template...

Grab your template and your shirts. Trace around it on the fabric several times. The number of times you trace around it depends on how many toys you want to make. One toy takes 6 pieces. Pin the center of each piece so they don't slide around when you cut them out.

Step 3: Cut Your Pieces Out...

Cut them out. Pile of footballs FTW. :D

Step 4: Sew!

Sew the pieces together. You should have two half balls when you're finished. If you want, you can use your sewing machine for this but I've found that sewing small fiddly pieces with the machine is awkward, so hand sewing works best for things like this. Place the halves together and sew all around them, making sure you leave a space big enough to turn the toy right side out.

Step 5: Turn!

Turn the toy right side out and stuff it. Sew up the opening with a tiny stitch. Grab your quarter and trace around it on a scrap piece of shirt.

Step 6: Cut Out the Circles

Cut out the circles and sew them on either end of your ball, using a whip stitch. Give to your cat and enjoy! =) When I first made these, I made them from scraps of fleece. My cat loved them and hasn't stopped playing with them since. They're covered in little fuzzies from her claws though. So fleece can be used but it gets fuzzies after a while. T-shirts are a better bet because they don't get fuzzies like fleece will. If you like you can try making these with old jeans too.

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