DIY Michael Myers - Halloween

Introduction: DIY Michael Myers - Halloween

DIY Michael Myers - Halloween Prop

Things you will need:

1 pair size large blue coveralls - $15.00 thrift store

1 pair old work gloves - Dollar store

1 Michael Myers mask - $5.00 Big Lots

1 styrofoam head - $2.99 party store

1 2 foot wooden dowel

1 neck pillow - thrift store

1 old pillow - thrift store

old clothes and news papers

1 black sharpie marker

1 metal chain or old dog leash

1 old dog leash - dollar store

2 heavy duty rubber bands

4 large safety pins

1 pair old work boots - thrift store

1 chain clip


1. Lay the coveralls on the floor - rubber band the leg holes closed 2" from bottom

2. stuff the legs with light rolled up clothing and news papers

3. place the neck pillow in the seat of the coveralls

4. Cut a hole on each side of the top of the pillow - run dog leash through it and tie a knot - place the pillow in the truck area of the coveralls

5. stuff arms with rolled up light clothing and newspaper

6. stuff gloves with newspaper and pin them to the inside cuffs of the coveralls

7. use a sharpie to black out the eyes of the styrofoam head

8. push the down inside the bottom of the head

9. place mask over the head

10. place chain in a tree or from a patio overhang - use chain clip to affix it to the dog leash inside the coveralls

That's it that's all you need to make a creepy, scary Michael Myers Halloween Prop!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very creepy indeed!

    Your directions seem simple enough to duplicate. Thanks for sharing this!