Introduction: DIY Miniature Park Bench

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Hello! Today I’m going to teach you how to make a miniature park bench. This project will teach you how to make a bench that is fully customizable. You can make one for a dollhouse, a Christmas Village, or more!
You will need:
•popsicle sticks (the amount depends on your toy’s size)
•hot glue
•a hot glue gun
•wire (optional) (paper clips work)
•paint (optional)
•heavy duty scissors or wire cutter

Step 1: Measuring the Seat

When creating a bench, I started with the seat. You will first have to find the width of your seat using the item you want the bench to be for. Make a row of popsicle sticks until you reach the toy’s mid-thigh. You can always add more sticks later!

Step 2: Gluing the Seat

Next, you will have to glue the pieces of the seat together.
Apply a strip of glue on the long-thin side of the stick holding the together for a few seconds every time you add a new stick.
Then reforce the back by gluing a popsicle stick vertically and clipping of the excess on each end.

Ta-da! You have completed the bottom!

Step 3: The Backside

I made my backside 1 popsicle stick less than the bottom, but you can have as many as you want.
Then apply step 2 to these sticks. Glue them, reinforce them, and clip of the excess.

Ta-da! The back is complete!

Step 4: Piecing the Backside and Seat Together

Apply a strip of glue to the bottom of the backside and glue it to an edge of the seat. Piece them together at a slight angle, if wished, and hold them there for 7-10 seconds, or until the glue has hardened.
Then reforce them with more glue on the back.
This is the time to paint them if you want to.

Voila! You have almost completed the bench!

Step 5: (Optional) Adding a Rests

Cut a 2 pieces from the popsicle sticks of your desired arm rest length. I made mine slightly shorter than my seat. You can paint them if you’d like, but I left mine natural.
Wrap wire around the pieces and leave about 2 inches, then clip off the rest with your wire cutters. Glue them to the backside’s front on each end, with the extra wire facing out, and hold them there until the glue is hardened.
Once the glue is hardened, fold the wire under the chair and glue it.

Step 6: Adding the Legs

Cut 4 equal size piece of popsicle sticks at your desired length.
Glue them one by one on the 4 corners of the bottom of the bench and hold them until hardened.

Finally! You are done. Now you have a cute little bench to enjoy!

Step 7: Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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