Introduction: DIY Mirrored Jewelry Armoire: Look for Less

Mirrored Furniture is a timeless look full of just a hint, or glint rather, of glamour! If you research buying those coveted furniture pieces you'll quickly find that the prices continue to climb, normally starting at $300+

My step by step tutorial will help you to have your expensive taste featured in your own home for less than $120.

Step 1: Here We Go!

-an old jewelry armoire:$25 (mine was from the local goodwill)

-electric sander: on hand

-gray primer: $17 (I bought a gallon of kiltz for my project)

-Martha Stewart Precious Metals: $44 (MSL378 Mirror Glass; mine was purchased from Home Depot)

-Minwax 1qt fast drying polyurethane: $11

-painters tape: on hand

-paint brushes: on hand

-glass knobs: $6 for 2 pack; I needed 4 packs (walmart)

Total Cost: $118

Step 1: Remove outdated hardware

Step 2: Sand your piece just enough to take off the first layer of the pre-existing finish. Deep sanding isn't necessary because of the primer that is being used

Step 3: Take a damp washcloth and wipe the piece until saw dust is cleaned off; let air dry a few minutes

Step 4: Once dried you can being with your primer. I recommend doing a coat of primer, waiting for that coat to fully dry. Paint on a second coat of primer if necessary, completely covering the armoire. So far you'll have a chalky colored gray armoire!

Step 5: The next day when primer has fully dried you can paint on your Martha Stewart Precious Metals "mirror" paint. This type of paint is very thin so it is helpful to let fully dry in between coats. Be conscious of drip spots that you may need to smooth out periodically due to the thin texture of the paint. My armoire needed about three full coats of the mirror finish to accomplish the look I was going for.

Step 6: Once my armoire was completely dried I painted on two coats of clear sealer (ample drying time in between coats of course)

Step 7: After the clear coat dried I added on my vintage looking glass knobs giving my mirrored finish armoire the final finishing touches!

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