DIY Mix and Match Clutch

Introduction: DIY Mix and Match Clutch

Here you have a tutorial about how to create you own mix and match clutch, ideal for this season and a piece that will make specail every look. 

1. Create a grid with the masking tape in the lower part of the clutch. Start with the horizontal ones and from the bottom to have straight lines. To have all the squares of the same size, use the masking tape to cover the part between to masking tape strips. Do the same with the vertical ones.

2. Paint the gaps in the same colour. The brush stroke direction has to be from the outside to the inside of the square, to delimit correctly the borders. Wait until it is dry and remove the vertical tape strips.

3.Stick new vertical tape strips on the places that are already painted. Paint the gaps with the other colour. Wait until it is dry and remove all the strips this time. Now, add new tape strips leaving uncovered places that are not painted. Repeat this step until all the half bottom of the clutch is totally checked in white and blue.

Go to and learn more about how to create yours. And , of course, tell me what you think about it!

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