DIY Monitor Support With Power Outlet




Introduction: DIY Monitor Support With Power Outlet

First of all, I need to mention that I always like to build my own thing to solve my specific necessities, and in this case is not different.

Problem: Find a cheaper monitor support that fit the exact size of my notebook. For me, the best setup for the dual monitor is one above the other. PLUS: needs to have builtin power outlets.

Solution: After search a while over the web for something with this specs I don't find anything, so, I decide to build my own. \o/

I start with drawing my idea on the paper and seeking for the right materials.


  • Screws
  • Spray paint - color black matte
  • Simple AC power cable
  • Power outlets
  • Pieces of cable (to connect the power outlets inside the support)
  • Retractable term
  • Table clamp
  • Old monitor support (needs this to cut and fit on the new bar)
  • Aluminum bar


  • Dremel
  • Electric sander
  • Electric saw
  • Rule
  • Pencil
  • Rasp
  • Scissor
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Super glue
  • Protection glasses
  • Protection mask

Step 1: Cutting the Aluminum Bar

Let get started!

I measure the power outlets and made the marks with a pencil on the aluminum bar. I choose positioning 3 power outlets at the bottom of the bar (for the notebook charger, cell phone charger and anything else) and on near the top of the bar (this one is for monitor power and it's hidden).

To cut the aluminum I used the Dremel 3000 Tool (micro rectifies), with the cutting discs 15/16 model 420. I know that we have the cutting discs 1.1/2 mod. 456 specific to cut metal, but I have many of the 420 discs so I decide to use it.

Important fact: it was my first time using Dremel and I'm not very skilful with it, after a few minutes and breaking a few cutting discs I discover that to use it we need to be very patient and calm, starting making the marks in the aluminum, something like a channel in the format of the power outlet with the speed 2 or 4, after this we can change to speed 10, even after this you need to very careful and don't push to much the Dremel over the bar.

I spend a little bit more than an hour making four holes, considering that the aluminum bar has a wall with 4 millimeters and the discs that are not properly to cut metal I think it's ok.

Step 2: Sanding the Pieces

I decided to sand the pieces to get a better finishing and for the ink grab better on the metal.

I used an electric sander to do this job and spray paint to fill all the pieces with the same color, I choose to paint with black matte because this color is very close to the monitor color.

Step 3: Electrical Installation

To make the electrical installation I decided to use the parallel format.

I get the right position of the power outlet and start to install each power outlet over the cable, to cover the wire splice I've used the retractable term.

At this point, I decide to improve the electrical installation and I put a switch to turn on and off the power of the monitor support and add a fuse to protect the electrical net.

Step 4: Final Product

After completing the electrical installation I start to mount the parts, I just follow the flow of the pieces, fitting and screwing everything.

I was very excited during the mounting process and I forgot to take photos :-( shame on me. The final product I really like it, it fits very well as I expected and I have all the requirements that I defined on the ideation, I'm very satisfied with it. What are your impressions on?

Hope I help others with this project and let me know if you have any idea to improve this it, I'll be glad.

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