DIY Night Vision Old Mobile

Introduction: DIY Night Vision Old Mobile

Hey everybody,

This is a step-by-step to take pictures like if you have night vision, so if you want to try this with your brand new cellphone, the one you use for everything and it is special for taking selfies, my advice is don't do it.

Search for another because this is irreversible, once you're taking night vision photos, you can't go back to taking normal photos.


-Old cellphone or a cell you're not using for common things

-9 infrared leds

-perfored board


-tweezers, knife or a razor

-and for the final board I use a 3D print design

Step 1: Remove the Camera Cover

You have to take off the cover in order to remove the battery.

Then carefully with a tweezers take off the cover where the camera is, I made this because the cellphone I'm using is of the kind who slides.If you´re using the normal type, just take off the cover .

Step 2: Camera Lens

Now , take off the camera lens.

It's a simple step, but do it carefully we don't want to brake anything.

Step 3: Infrared Filter

Once you have the complete camera lens, with a knife or a razor remove the infrared filter.

Step 4: Back Together

Now put the camera lens back to the original place, and the cover as well.

Step 5: Infrared Board Led

Here we are going to make like a base, in a perfored board set 9 infrared leds and do an adjustment to make them in serially at 3.6 volts .Maybe you will need some welding skills and know something very basic about electronics.

Step 6: Led Base

In this step I made a 3D design to have the led board in place and adjust it to the cellphone cover.

The led board is directly connected to the cell battery and it fits perfectly into the 3D base, just to make it easy and trying not to damage the battery a switch was added to the design to turn on/off the infrared leds.

Step 7: Final Result

At the end if you follow all the steps you will have your night vision camera in a cell, something like this...

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    If only those old phones had better pixel density you could bring it up to your eye (use lens for focusing that close) and have proper active night vision goggle. Also you would have to get around phones turning off camera after period of not using it...

    I know this comment is useless but... My by far favourite night vision project is this:

    This guy captured IR video and converted it so he could stream it in old camera's viewfinder and that is the only real DIY night vision for me (unless someone figures out how to make gen1 (or better) light amplifiers at home :)