Introduction: DIY Fashion : OPEN BACK DRESS | TRUDY_LIMP

This open back dress is super elegant and sexy .

It will enhance your silhouette. In oder words it is juste perfect for night out.

With a slit on the back it can cause damage !

If like me, you succumb, the you should know that this diy requires few stuff such as a stretchy fabric with a matching thread, a zipper, some pins, and some cutting Tools. The pattern I used is available in the description box . ;)

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Step 1: Pin & Cut

First, you will need to pin and cut each pieces.

I did not add seam allowances because they were already include to my pattern.

Step 2: Zipper

First, attach the zipper to the back.

I used an invisible zipper because it gives the impression that the dress fell in love with your body.

Then you have to sew the front and back at the shoulders.

I only used zigzag stitches except for the zipper.

Step 3: Linning

Here, you will have to sew the lapel of the collar and the lapel of the back at the shoulders.

Then fix it to the dress right sides kissing.

Step 4: Sleeves and Sides

For the next step, you will need to sew the sleeves to the armholes.

Please be careful while you're sewing and don't pull too much on the fabric.

Then, sew the sides of your dress including both sleeves with a zigzag stitch.

Step 5: Optional*

These steps are optional.

It is about adding a peplum to the bottom of the dress. The circle skirt technique can be useful.

Once the peplum is attached to the bottom of the dress, you will finally be done.

I did not hem my dress at all because my fabric did not really need it.

Step 6: Finishing Product

Here is the finish product, I hope you like it !

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