Hi, everyone!

It's is my first instructables and i present my projet of opening door with the module HC-06 , servo and a Arduino uno.

I find this ideal when my mother must every day open the garage door when i came back to the badminton.

I tell me how i can entry in my house without disturb my parents each evening and a have a minimum of security.

I create so an application and a system which open my garage door when -via bluetooth and this application- i am range to the bluetooth module thanks to a some orders send with my phone.

Step 1: Step 1: Components

For this projet you need to have:

  • Arduino Uno
  • HC-06 bluetooth module
  • Servo motor
  • Jumper cables
  • Breadboard

Optional: protypage shield arduino

If you haven't got this material , you can find :

Arduino Uno :

Step 2: Step2: Connect the Module Bluetooth

This module is compose of 4 pins:

RXD====> Pin which collect information from the app = TX (pin 1) of the Arduino

TXD====>Pin which send information to the Arduino = RX ( pin 0) of the Arduino

VCC====>Pin connect to +3.3V of the microcontroller

GND====>Pin connect to the GND of the Arduino

The two other pins were not use in this projet. This module can tap at 10 meters around this installation.

Step 3: Step3: Connect the Servo Motor

This servo have got 3 pins:

one jumper brown==> it is the GND

one jumper red====> it is the VCC

one jumper orange=>it is the Vout ( the signal)==> connect to the digital pin 9.

This servo is not the most powerful but if you have got tight budget is good.

Step 4: Step 4: the App

I create a special application( android) for this projet. (I use MIT app inventor 2 to create this app)

She have got a minimun of security with an password. We can change this password with some button to setup this.

In the first screen, there are the security system with password box and the exit button.

I customize this screen with a background color and a little personal touch !:-) (It's my first instructables!!!)

When you enter the good password you going to the second screens. Click on the button "connect " where you choose in the list your module. When your module is pair you can see the red led stop to blink.

Now, you can choose to open or close the lock of th door .

You can return to the first screen with the button "back" and quit the app with the button "exit".

IMPORTANT: the reset code is "admin"

You can change this password with this application

Step 5: Step 5: the Arduino Code

I create also the code in language C++ with the Arduino :

When clik the button "open" the servo turn 180° and when "close" is activated the servo turn 0°

We can see on the serial monitor.

Step 6: Step 6: END

After have download in the arduino and in your phone this app and make the montage. You can use this prototype anywhere for any reasons!

As for me, i use that for my garage door but you can use for the kitchen door or your bedroom door.

Thanks you for watching . I very happy because it's my first instructables so there are may be some mistake grammar or informatic in this instructables.(be clement please)


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    4 years ago

    Hi! All this stuff with applying to /with WiFi/bluetooth/WWW.. and whatewer coming up.. Nice

    BUT... Now we are relaying on them "Wery educated developed platforms" in programming, good for that. But remember this: A microprosessor understands ONLY 4 (four) command's (+1 special). AND, NAND, OR, NOR, (+EXL OR)


    4 years ago

    Super project guy !
    It's a very good idear!