Introduction: DIY Oil Lava Lamp

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Are the kids bored and say they have absolutely nothing to do? Wanting to do a rainy day activity with the kids? This DIY Oil Lava Lamp is perfect for a fun craft to do any day! This 4 ingredient craft is perfect for kids to do any day and all year long and to even reuse! If you make this project, let me know it the comments how it went!

Step 1: Materials

This DIY Oil Lava Lamp will need the following items:

~Plastic or Glass Water Bottle (with lid)

~Vegetable Oil

~Alka-Seltzer Tablet (or salt [salt is used in this Instructable])

~Water (room temperature)

~Food Coloring (Dark colors work better)

~Sparkles, Glitter, Sequins (optional)

~Flashlight (optional)

Step 2: Add Vegetable Oil

Begin by adding vegetable oil to the water bottle. Fill to about three fourths (3/4) the way full in the water bottle.

Step 3: Add Water

Next, add water that is at room temperature to the water bottle. Fill the water bottle all the way up until there is about an inch left at the top. The water will sink down beneath the vegetable oil as water is heavier than vegetable oil.

Step 4: Add Food Coloring

Next, add about 5-10 drops of food coloring into the water bottle. The drops will sink down through the vegetable oil and sit on top of the water. Don't worry about mixing the colors in quite yet.


Add some glitter, sequins, or sparkles along with the food coloring for some extra shine!

Step 5: Add Tablets or Salt

Finally, follow the instructions in which method you're using. In this Instructable, I have used Iodized Salt.

Alka-Seltzer Tablets

Take one or two Alka-Seltzer tablets and break them up into 4 new pieces. Add the tablets to the water bottle and watch the magic happen! Reuse this lava lamp time after time by adding more tablets in as you want to watch it.

IMPORTANT: Put the lid on the water bottle as soon as the tablets are added or you'll end up making a mess!


Begin slowly pouring salt into the water bottle. Slowly fill the bottle with salt until the liquid level has reached the top. The lava lamp affect will begin to happen, but give the bottle a little swish from time to time to give it more action. Now watch the magic happen!

IMPORTANT: Put the lid on the water bottle as soon as the tablets are added or you'll end up making a mess!

In the end of making you Oil Lava Lamp, use a flashlight to shine through the bottle to give the bubbles a cool looking affect. Hope you enjoy!

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